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Jesus Has Come - Family Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional Book
Advent Ornaments
Bundle - Includes Book & Ornaments

Jesus Has Come is a 4-week family advent devotional that will help even the busiest families connect with the true story and meaning of Christmas throughout the Advent season.

This devotional will:

* Help your family slow down and spend meaningful time reflecting on the true reason you celebrate Christmas

* Focus on Jesus as the best gift one could ever receive

* Give you an easy-to-follow advent plan with fun and simple family activities

* Introduce children to Jesus as the fulfillment of God's promises in Scripture. 

Jesus Has Come is the perfect way for any family to focus on Jesus as the reason for the season. Each week of this 4-week family advent devotional includes a candle lighting day, five days of Bible-based devotional content, and a family reflection and activity day. This devotional pairs perfectly with our Jesus Has Come Ornament Set. 



Children will love these colorful ornaments, which introduce children to Jesus as the fulfillment of God's promises in Scripture.   Jesus Has Come Family Advent Devotional Ornament Set was created to pair with our Jesus Has Come Family Advent Devotional. This set has ornaments to be hung for each devotional day your family completes.  The set includes 28 beautiful ornaments with twine hangers. Each ornament has an illustration on the front and the main point from the devotional printed on the back.