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JSBlueRidge Toys - LCD Writing Tablet, Electronic Drawing Writing Board Toy

LCD Writing Tablet, Electronic Drawing Writing Board, Erasable Drawing Doodle Pad, Toy for Kids Adults Learning & Education. The liquid crystal writing instrument, which allows you to write with the included plastic pen and erase what you have written with a single click, is a new educational drawing toy for children. This pressure-sensitive LCD screen with a graffiti pad creates lines of varying thickness depending on how hard you press. The Digital LCD Writing Tablet for Kids uses the latest pressure-sensitive LCD technology to provide a vibrant rainbow of colors with no glare or blue light. The LCD drawing board makes it easy for kids to write, draw, scribble, scribble, and doodle. LCD Writing Tablet / LCD Drawing Pad, 1/4 inch thin, 4.5 oz weight, portable and lightweight writing board that can be carried in a handbag or backpack. Doodle Board is the ideal tool for you and your child to doodle anywhere.